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Wireless Pay per Gig

One of our most cost effective services is our 'Wireless Pay per Gig' service.  Aside from the equipement installation cost, you only pay for the actual data that you use.  Speeds are only limited by your physical location with respect to one of our access points.  You can purchase additional data at any time from our website and the data packages vary from 1Gig to 20Gig's of data.


Key Features

No recurring monthly costs

Pricing decreases as data purchases increase in size

No traffic shaping or bandwidth limitations

The same account can be used at any of the MetronetSA hotspots


Data Plans

Wireless Pre-Paid Pay per Gig Plan Speed Data Price
Wireless Pre-Paid - 1Gig Data no expiration No Limit 1Gig R 50.00
Wireless Pre-Paid - 2Gig Data no expiration No Limit 2 Gig R 80.00
Wireless Pre-Paid - 5Gig Data no expiration No Limit 5 Gig R 180.00
Wireless Pre-Paid - 10Gig Data no expiration No Limit 10 Gig R 340.00
Wireless Pre-Paid - 20Gig Data no expiration No Limit 20 Gig R 600.00








For additional information regarding our Wireless Pay per Gig  solutions please call +27 87 7515999 to speak to a member of our team or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.